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Health and Safety at Ferano Construction

Safety comes first. Always. At Ferano we put safety first....
Safety just doesn't happen. At Ferano we are constantly working at it with hands-on training and a committment by our management team to safety for our workers. Proactive safety management prevents work delays, saving you time and money, and most importantly, keeps the job site injury-free.
Ferano is always striving to provide a safe workplace that is free from recognizable and preventable hazards. Ferano is committed to maintaining a safe and healthful working environment. At Ferano we promise our best efforts to work together as management, safety committee and all employees in carrying out the actions needed to achieve this goal for our company.This goal is regularly communicated to all employees and everyone actively participates in working toward achieving it. We strive to have all managers and supervisors commit to fully supporting and participating in our safety policies and adhere to and be fully accountable for compliance with all safety and health policies and standards. Ferano will continue to provide the financial resources necessary to fully implement our safety programs and training.

D.J. Ferrarotto, CEO

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Health and Safety at FeranoConstruction: a proven record of concern for our employees