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Ferano Construction Millwork Division: Commercial Millwork


Ferano Construction Millwork Division: Office Millwork


  Ferano Construction Millwork Division: Residential Millwork   

 The mirrored fronts on my custom bathroom cabinets look fabulous".
— a satisfied customer


Ferano Construction Millwork Division

Ferano Millwork works with architects, designers and builders to produce premium grade architectural woodwork for the commercial, office and residential sectors.

For generations, artisans have expressed themselves in stone, wood, copper, gold, and glass. Our team of talented people express their skills in the fashioning of custom millwork. Our craftsmen are able to convert the magnificent grains of rosewood, cherry, oak, walnut and mahogany into beautiful patterns and marvelous designs. Exotic woods are also available for the discriminating and sophisticated client who is looking for something different. We also work with economical plastic laminates and hardboards, to meet the design and cost requirements of interior designers, architects or the individual preferences of clients. We have melded the skills of our craftsmens' handiwork with one of the world's finest state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We would enjoy the opportunity to show you how Ferano Construction Millwork can make the difference with craftsmanship.

If you can design it, Ferano Millwork can build it!

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